Sell your property

Selling your property sounds easy; Ring up the estate agent, set your price and wait for the calls to roll in. And for many people that works well enough. But what if your house has been on the market for months with no interest? What if you have secured your new dream home but are hindered by being unable to sell your current home fast enough? This is a common problem. 

We can help by offering free advice on what potential buyers look for. We can offer hints and tips on how to push through a sale in record time.

Need to sell quickly?

Sometimes life has a habit of tripping us up when we least expect it; Many people need to sell their property quickly due to divorce, or perhaps a pressing move away from the area. Having a second house with a mortgage that needs servicing and worries about securing an empty property can be a drain on your finances and mental well-being.

Perhaps you are stuck in a house that is in negative equity and it feels like a millstone around your neck. Don’t panic we can help. 

We take on properties in all kinds of conditions, so don’t hesitate to call and see if we can help today.

Even if you are in negative equity and feel stuck or behind on your mortgage we can help find a way to clear the debt and help you move on in a way that suits you. 

Tips for selling your property in record time.

Photography is an area often overlooked when selling a property, even by estate agents. Good quality photographs of your property, especially the main areas such as the kitchen, lounge, and bedrooms will speed the sale of even the most tired property. Make sure you do everything you can to make the space look appealing. Take photos in the daytime when natural light pours in through the windows. Ensure the rooms are tidy even if that means temporarily moving belongings and unnecessary furniture into an adjacent room. Small tips such as this help create interest and appeal to buyers who may not be able to envisage living there until you lend them a helping hand by showing them a blank canvas.

Floor plans are essential when selling in today’s market. Potential buyers want to envisage how they can fit their existing furniture and see whether the layout suits them from the comfort of their homes. Missing a floor plan from your advert could be costing you money without you realising. Indeed in a survey commissioned by Rightmove 33% of people said they would be less inclined to ask about a property if it did not provide a floor plan.

For more advice and tips and tricks get in touch!