About Us

The EvoStar Team

EvoStar Property is the company of husband and wife team Matt and Kate.  Having both been landlords for a number of years, Kate and Matt decided they wanted to use the experience they had gained to assist others – whether they were investors, landlords or home owners.

Having lived in Worksop all their lives, Matt and Kate know the area really well so are perfectly placed to advise on the best areas for investing and renting.

With 2 children, a dog and cat, Kate and Matt enjoy spending time with their family, making the most of the local attractions including Clumber Park, Sherwood Forest, the newly opened Gullivers Valley and Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  They also love beach holidays in the UK as well as flying out to sunnier places – preferably from the local Doncaster Airport.


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Matt grew up in Worksop.  A keen sportsman, his competitiveness and drive to succeed meant he excelled at many sports including football, swimming and tennis.  After completing his A Levels in 2000, Matt attended Nottingham Trent University to study Software Engineering and graduated in 2003.  Matt found the attention to detail and problem solving required in this field really suited his  analytical manner so pursued a career in Software Engineering.  His first job took him all the way down to Brighton – a big step for Matt as he knew nobody, but one he knew he had to make given the lack of opportunities available locally due to the Dot-com bubble.  Matt remained in Brighton until 2010, when he decided it was time to return home.  The experience and confidence he had gained meant that he was offered a job immediately on his return.  Always looking to challenge himself, in 2013, Matt decided to leave his job and operate as a Software Engineering Consultant.  Since then Matt has continued to carve out an impressively successful career, working on multiple contracts with big names such as Experian, E.ON and Jet2. 

Matt has had an interest in business and economics for many years, which manifested into a keen interest in investments and property.  As a result, he decided to enter the world of property investment and purchased his first house in 2012.  Recognising the area as being one with excellent capital growth prospects, Matt undertook some cosmetic work to the property, resulting in the property increasing in value by over £30,000 and providing him with a profit of over £26,000.  It is also a property that continues to provide a regular rental income at a top end rate for a property of that kind in the area.  It was this success that spurred Matt on to continue down the road of property investment. 


Although born in Sheffield, Kate has lived in Worksop from being a few months old.  With many interests, Kate’s love of music led to her becoming a keen musician (playing the clarinet, piano and saxophone), which provided her with many opportunities during her childhood, including playing for North Notts County in their band and orchestra.  In 2000, after successfully completing her A Levels, Kate attended Newcastle University where she obtained a BA in Law and Accounting.  Having found a real interest in the law, Kate went on to study the Legal Practice Course at Sheffield University and became a qualified Solicitor in 2008.  

Kate’s career in law provided her with experience in a number of areas, including Personal Injury and Conveyancing, though her main expertise was in Family Law.  Kate dealt with cases involving divorce, the resolution of financial matters on separation, contact and residence disputes and Care – the involvement of the Local Authority when parents are unable to provide good enough care to their children.  Throughout her career, Kate had to display professionalism as well as be personable, understanding and compassionate.  It is these qualities that Kate continues to pride herself in when dealing with clients of EvoStar Property.

Kate’s venture into property came about by accident, when she moved in with Matt.  Rather unromatically, this happened after Kate was made redundant and did not think she would be able to meet her mortgage payments.  Thankfully she quickly found a new job so no longer needed to sell her house.  Identifying the house was in a great location for renters – in the town centre, within 5 minutes walk of the train station and with a low maintenance yard, Kate undertook some minor cosmetic work to the property and put it up for rent.  It was quickly snapped up and has been rented by the same family for 5 years providing a yield of 5.8%.  

Whilst she doesn’t profess to be as knowledgable about the economy as Matt, Kate has an eye for properties that can be turned around either as a Buy-to-Rent or Buy-to-Sell.  She also has a true understanding of the difficulties families face during separations or other life changing events and so strives to offer solutions that will provide swift resolutions, making property issues one less thing to worry about.



Sarah was born and raised in Woodford, Essex on the outskirts of London.  This is where she studied to become a Legal Secretary, and after qualifying she began her journey into the property industry by becoming a Property Manager.  However, Sarah never felt quite at home in London and in 2010 she met her husband Mark, whose family originated from Sheffield, after one visit, venturing around Clumber Park and Sheffield City Centre, Sarah knew this is where she wanted to be and made plans to move to the area. 

 In 2011 they moved and straight away Sarah found work in Sheffield City Centre as a Property Manager/Lettings Negotiator for a small family run business. After three years, she had experienced much within the busy thriving industry, loving every minute, but decided to take a break to raise her expanding family.  During this break Sarah didn’t let up, and in every spare moment she had, started to study for Bookkeeping, obtaining her Level 3 AAT qualification in 2021.  She also managed her own build and renovation, learning terminologies, systems and protocols as well as having a hands on approach with the design, even taking her hand to labouring on site and decorating to keep costs down. 

 Sarah has a passion for property, keeping up to date with the ever changing market, as well as a keen eye for organisation.  She intends to use her skills and knowledge to compliment Kate and Matt’s vision, driving EvoStar forward.

With over 20 years combined property experience between us the team are in a great position to offer advice and assistance to those wanting to invest in property as well as providing a professional service to Landlords seeking a management package or tenants looking for their next home.